AFG Photography
With AFG Photographers you are guaranteed to be left with a Wedding Photo Collection of imaginative, candid, personal, fun and traditional shots. We meet with every couple before the big day and discuss your individual needs and desires to ensure your day is as memorable as can be.​​​​​​​
Their Needs
At the time that AFGroup contacted me to carry out their rebranding they were a small Multi Media company with the aim to scale down  with their niche being Weddings.
Their original logo was not fitting, and was not communicative of the services they offer. Even the Tag Line was miss-leading as it wasn’t a Support Network, it was a Media company, and Faith only played a very small role in what they did for their clients.
They actually hated their former logo.
Time to Apply
After completing the AFGroup Logo design, it was now time to apply it to various platforms and publications. This meant creating and designing the following:

• Website Design & Development 
• Social Media
• eMail Footer
• Team Uniform
• Business Stationary 
• Client Invoices 
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