DLT Brunch
DLT organise monthly brunch & day parties held in high-end London venues.
The events are catered to young adults of the Afro-Caribbean community who have careers in professional white collar sectors as a way of letting their hair down and having a good time.
Their Needs:
When DLT contacted me they were at a stage where they were ready for a full business rebranding, not just visually but also in operations. Their initial logo was no longer fully representative of who they were and who they wanted to draw in to their events. 
They also felt that the marketing collateral they were working with at the time wasn’t to the standard they would like and wasn’t properly engaging with their target party goers.
The Project Included: 
• Creative Direction
• Logo / Identity Design 
• Marketing Collateral
The Solutions
In order for me to create an identity that would be effective, DLT’s audience would have to be at the forefront of every choice I made in creating their mark. Considering who they are (young 20-30 something, black professionals, working in the city), I knew that the logo had to have a serious edge whilst also feeling playful, and as DLT’s Anthony Iban put it "Partyish".
The logo was just the begin (of course). After a successful identity design, I was then given the task of creating their next marketing materials for their social media platforms. these were to be playful, vibrant and inviting... Have a look at what I created for them.
Flyer Layout
The DLT Brunch event flyers have a distinct and consistent typographical layout. All flyer designs follow the same type rules.
Artwork Styles
Towards the end of each year, I sit down with the guys at DLT to discuss the creative styles & themes we aim explore in the coming year.
Over the past 3 years of working with them I've been able see what REALLY resonates with the party goers, and I try to duplicate that every time! ...Always works.
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